My Books

Bedlam: A Year In The Life Of A Mental Hospital

This book tells the story of a vanishing institution in American life. It’s even more relevant now, when care for the severely mentally ill has been shifted to the police and the prison system. There are now more mentally ill people in prison than in mental hospitals.

Confessions Of A Medical Heretic

Ghost-written for Robert Mendelsohn, MD. First book I ever published—and still in print almost 40 years later!  It was a hot book when it first came out. Bookstores ran out two or three times during the first few months!  Still in print and available on Amazon!

Alone With The Devil

In paperback,  this book was a NY Times bestseller. Alone With The Devil is no longer in print, but survives in the used book market.

The People’s Guide To Vitamins And Minerals

The publisher of Confessions asked me to write a comprehensive book about vitamins. The book was well-reviewed and stayed in print for almost two decades.

What People Who Take Vitamin C Know That You DON’T!

I decided that I would write about one vitamin at a time. This was to be the first in a series of books about vitamins and other supplements. I haven’t gotten around to the second book yet!

The Joy Of Grill Pizza

This idea for this book was born the day I had a pizza party to celebrate the completion of my brick pizza oven. After making half a dozen pizzas the oven needed a rest and some fresh wood to refresh the fire. Not to lose serving momentum, I made a pizza on the gas grill. As I walked away from the serving table, someone exclaimed, “Hey, this is the best one yet!”